Celebrate your wild nature.

Wild Child Cacao crafts 100% pure ceremonial and fine flavour cacao.

Our organic cacao beans come from the Dominican Republic.

We carefully roast, grind, conch, temper, mold and pack the cacao in small batches in Amsterdam. 

With this cacao you can make delicious ánd healthy drinks.

Crowdfund campaign live on Voordekunst.nl

Currently, we have amazing cacao, and a stamp. That's basically it...

We need a little more to build a healthy business for us AND the environment. With enough funds we can invest in sustainable packaging, a customized mold, cacao and much more! That is why we started our crowdfund campaign. Want to help us out?




Order our cacao, workshops, ceremonies and more (!) while supporting our Wild Child dreams!

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Meet the


IMG_6272Julie Hrudova.jpg


& Eva

Two wild cats, crazy about cacao.

Malou is a passionate chocolate maker. Eva is a dedicated ceremonialist. Both were looking for the best cacao for ceremonies and daily rituals. In that search, they found each other.

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