Eva and Malou
Once upon a time in Amsterdam, Eva’s heart melted..... ....while drinking Malou’s 100% ceremoninial cacao drink. 
Creamy... 'chocolaty', not bitter and so rich in flavor AND experience!
When they met for a cacao drink the next day their knowledge and experience clicked together like a puzzle. Sharing the best of both worlds; from craft to experience. 
Within 9 fruitful months, Wild Child Cacao was born.

Malou Dronkers chocolademaker

Malou is a passionate chocolate maker that loves to make cacao all the way from the bean.


She has her own brand Macao Movement and is dedicated to work with the best cacao beans available, and to craft them into the most delicious chocolate and cacao-products.


For her, working with these beans is a ceremony in itself. It is a space where she is fully in the moment and with her whole attention to the cacao. All her senses are wide open to be able to understand and read what is needed for the product that she is crafting. 

Eva Joy 
is an musician and ceremonialist working with cacao on a daily basis by sharing it in her intimate and musical cacao ceremonies.


During her travels in Central and North America she established a deep healing connection with the plant and started a quest for the best cacao for ceremony. 


For her cacao is a medicine, supporting people on their journey towards a more fulfilling and  heartcentred life.


In her ceremonies she likes to connect people with their inner Wild Child. That free, pure and playful spirit that lives in all of us.

Eva Joy Cacao ceremonies
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