We love how cacao inspires and enhances creativity!
Theobromine, flavonoids,  phenylethylamine.. magnesium...
These potent substances in cacao have already caused a lot of creative outbursts in the ''Wild Child family'.
15-25 grams of Wild Child cacao can already support in having the right amount of energy and focus to create! 
wild chilc cacao art box asia orlando
With Wild Child we hope to inspire the heARTs of many! Thats why we started the Art & cacao project.
We ask illustrators from all over the world to design the front cover of our package while drinking a cup of Wild Child Cacao. Every 500 boxes you will find a new cacao creation on the cover of our limited edition art boxes.
This is our first one:
IMG_4685 (2) (1).jpg
Our first limited edition art box is created by the Spanish illustrator Asia Orlando. She never drank cacao before and we love what she found: 
“Preparing a small cup of cacao when working on the illustration was a kind of ritual that accompanied my creative process. Vibrant colors, bold forms and natural elements I included in my artwork found their source in the creamy cacao, as I felt they’d reflect well the wild nature of the fruit and drink that tastes both very natural and luxurious at the same time.” 
IMG_4685 (5).jpg
IMG_4685 (4).jpg

Are you an illustrator and would you like to experience the benefits of cacao? We are always looking for talented artists. If you are one and you feel inspired:
contact us.

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