frequent cacao drinkers know that making cacao is not as easy as making a coffee. this could be part of the ritual, but to be honest, on some days, there is need for efficiency.


we found there was nothing around to dose cacao paste in an easy way. which is important! 

do you want to have a deep heart opening experience or a little more focus for your work presentation? 

we spend a week brainstorming and doing the math in the grass.


'how to be able to easily make a cacao drink without needing a scale or knife?'


the result: a 500 gram cacaobar with triangle-shaped pieces of exactly 5 and 2,5 grams.


there is one big diamond-shaped chunk of 80 grams, which can be used as a ceremonial dose for 2.

the pieces melt easily in hot water and all you need to do is mixing them together!

we hope you like it as much as we do. Please let us know!

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