Birth of the blog. Saying hiii.

Hello Wild Child! We feel inspired to get more personal with you, so we decided to start a blog as well! Introducing ourselves a little big more and sharing our knowledge.

On this blog we do our best to share in-depth information about ceremonial cacao and the joy of making it!

Some fun facts about us to start with:

Eva tasted Malou's chocolate for the first time after a freezing cold dive in the Amstel river and thought it was the best hot cacao she ever tasted.

Next to being a very fine flavor chocolate maker, did you know that according to friends, Malou is the best Thai massage therapist in town?

Eva often plans short trips that result in her not coming back for 1 or 2 years. (Let's hope for the best. She took off again...)

No production day as productive as with some R&B classics playing in the background.

Wild Child cacao is called Wild Child because... well. See picture above.

Stay tuned for more! :)

X Malou (on the left) and Eva

P.s. We've got an new batch of ceremonial cacao waiting for you in our webshop!

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