Enzo-Perez Labourdette x Wild Child Cacao

Our new art box has arrived! Enzo-Perez Labourdette designed the cover of our 500 gram cacao bar. Just 500 limited edition art boxes are made! Enzo spoke to our hearts immediately and we are so happy with this collaboration.

Interviewing Enzo

Can you give us a little introduction? Who is Enzo? Tell us all about your passion for illustration and art!

Hi! I was originally born in France and have a French dad and British mum, but we moved to the Netherlands when I was 7, so you can see in my work that there's a lot of different cultural influences. I love illustration because there's really nothing snobbish about it. It's communicating through images in a way that is approachable. When I moved to the Netherlands I couldn't speak Dutch so I would use drawings as a way to communicate with classmate, in a way that's still what I'm doing!

We love that your work breaths nature. Tell us something about that. What does nature mean to you?

Nature really is the greatest inspiration for me. Nature doesn't really do perfectionism, it just is. When walking around in nature you're never really thinking 'oh that tree could have done with a few more branches', you just accept it as is (at least I do). That's the approach I try having with my work, I want it to be organic and feel like it's always been there.

How did you come to this design for Wild Child Cacao?

I really wanted to showcase the cacao bean as the precious treasure it is, so I came to the image of a bird coveting the cocoa pods as a treasure.

The idea speaks to us so much! And the bird?

I wanted to have a type of bird that could represent our love for enjoying chocolate, for some reason I thought a toucan with its cheerful beak would be the perfect representation for this.

What kind of technique did you use for your cacao illustration?

I use watercolors and inks that I piece together digitally, that way it allows for experimentation and trial and error. Did you enjoy drinking cacao during the process and how did it affect your work?

I usually never drink coffee as it makes my hands less stable whilst drawing. I loved that drinking the cocoa gave me energy without the highs and dips that coffee gives, while still giving a ritual like coffee does.

Will you continue to drink cacao now? :D

Of course :)! I'm a huge food-lover so I'm happy to have a new drink to enjoy regularly.

You are a pretty successful and respected illustrator. What is your secret in creating your wildest dreams?

Thanks! Honestly being gay and coming out as a teenager was by far the scariest experience of my life, now any time I have a dream or goal I'm setting I just remember that if I was able to get through that I can get through anything. After that it's just getting started and accepting that things take a little practice every day and that they grow by themselves if you just remember to do that.

About the Wild Child Cacao x Enzo-Peres Labourdette collaboration Creativity and cocoa go hand in hand and we love to emphasize this. That's why we started the Art & cacao project. We ask illustrators from all over the world to design the front cover of our package while drinking a cup of Wild Child Cacao. Every 500 boxes you will find a new cacao creation on the cover of our limited edition art boxes.

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More about Enzo and his work:

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