How to create holy foam on your cacao drink

The foam on cacao drinks was as holy to the Aztecs as the foam on our beers today.

They poured the chocolate into another yar from 1,5 meters high to create an abundance of foam.

The Spanish also loved their 'espuma' and introduced a wooden whisk stirrer called 'molinillo', that is still used in Mexico these days.

We love our rainbow foamy chocolate as much as the Aztecs did and tried all different methods. Malou experimented with the from-yar-to-yar pouring and needs to refine her technique a little bit. Read: little foam, lots of mess. 😹

Most people use a blender these days.

creating a colorful chocolate explosion if you are not careful.

This creates a super creamy yummy foam, yet always remember that HOT chocolate creates pressure inside your blender, creating a colorful chocolate explosion if you are not careful. (Don't fill until the top - lesson learned).

The molinillo is fun to use when you have created a big yar of chocolate for a lot of people and you are doing a

cacao ceremony in Mexico and want to impress them. (Like Eva, see image)

Here in Holland - for 1 or 2 people - we love to use our cacao shaker. Still manual labor and fun, yet without splashing and chocolate stains. 😇

Take a chance to create some holy foam and order your cacao here. Or read more about cacao. Like this article about the difference between coffee and cacao.

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