Meet the makers Wild Child Cacao moment

Every cup of cacao is an invitation to sink in the moment.

The warm cup in your hands...

The earthy aroma...

The creamy texture...

The aftertaste..

To be present.

Thursday the 28th of April we invite you to share a mindful cacao with us at our 'Meet the makers cacao moment!'

We are excited to meet you and guide you into a full cacao experience AND share all the ins and outs how to make your cacao as delicious as possible.

If you are new to (our) cacao you can order 40 grams of Wild Child ceremonial cacao for just 4 euros!

If you already have your Wild Child cacao bar: great! Then just make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter. We will share all details there and you can join our event for free! Looking forward to connect with you!

Meet the Makers Cacao Moment on April 28th, 19h CEST on Zoom.

X Eva & Malou

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