Order now and get an energizing cacao & coconut scrub

To ensure the quality of our Wild Child Cacao bars, we hand select our cacao beans. This means that about 5% of them are not making it into our chocolate.

Malou started to recycle those leftover beans by grinding them and using them as a beauty scrub. Making us feel refreshed and revitalized. So here it is: Wild Child Cacao's very first -limited edition- beauty product! Ingredients: cacao beans & coconut butter. Nothing else.

The cacao scrub is perfect to increase blood circulation and buff away dead skin cells. Next to that cacao is full with antioxidants, beating free radicals. The cacao butter and coconut butter leave the skin super smooth and soft.

TESTED AND PROBABLY TRUE Some say that smelling cacao activates the same neurotransmitters in the brain that are stimulated when you eat cacao.

USE AND STORAGE One scrub bar is enough for an energizing full-body scrub. Finish the bar within 2-3 after using. Keep away from water.


Order here above 50 euro's and get your free scrub bars automatically added to your package, wrapped in a cute box.

Only available this August. 1 box per order - Limited availability.

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