The first edition of our limited edtion Art & cacao box: Asia Orlando

Creativity & cacao go hand in hand. That's why we started our Art & Cacao project.

Every 500 boxes, we ask a different illustrator to get inspired by cacao. The Spanish Asia Orlando is our first 'heartist!'

She made the first illustration on the cover for our box while drinking our cacao. 😺

Asia: “Preparing a small cup of cacao when working on the illustration was a kind of ritual that accompanied my creative process. Vibrant colors, bold forms and natural elements I included in my artwork found their source in the creamy cacao, as I felt they’d reflect well the wild nature of the fruit and drink that tastes both very natural and luxurious at the same time.”

We absolutely are in love with what she did! Especially because we have a special connection with the jaguar. The jaguar is the animal that brought us together, basically!


"Do you have any ideas for a logo?" Malou asked Eva during a hot chocolate, to discuss our possible collaboration. Eva showed a painting from a jaguar that she just finished the night before. Then Malou popped out a drawing that she had been working on as well: a jaguar! And then - without giving any instructions, Asia came up with the black jaguar....

Learning about it's character and qualities deepened the connection between us and the king of the jungle even more.

LEARING ABOUT THIS POWER ANIMAL This powerful feline has very good ears and eyes (bionoculair) and sensitive hairs. 😺 And did you know they can swim, run ánd climb?

In some parts of the world the black jaguar is connected to great mystic power. The master of all dimensions......

The jaguar represents power, fierceness, sharp senses, instinct and wildness.

May the jaguar support celebrating your wild nature.

Thank you Asia!


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