The pollination of the cacao flower is done by a...

A little story about the flowers and the bees. Or should we say.. flowers and musquito's!

In the wonderful illustration above you see the tiny 5-petaled flower of the cacao tree. Cacao flowers are very small, typically about 1 cm across, and their reproductive parts are even smaller.

The male parts of the flower, where the pollen are located, are covered by hoods and the female part of the flower are in a 'cage' formed by five rods.

You need a very tiny insect to pollinate this beauty. There is only one that can.

Without this creature you wouldn't drink or eat chocolate!

It's not the bee... It is not a butterfly.....

It is..... a midge.

The Forcipomyia midge to be precise, family of the musquito. (In Dutch we call it "knutje". Ain't that cute.)

It loves shadowy, messy jungle earth with rotten fruits around. And it bites. And gives itches.

Well... thank you midge!

We'll never complain again during jungle walks about you being there. Thank you for your hard, sacred work.

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