• This cacao is made for BIG cacao lovers. For your daily drinks, gatherings and cacao ceremonies.


    Crafted in Amsterdam
    This chocolate is 100% pure, ceremonial grade and fine flavor, stone gound, untempered and cut in wild chunks. Made from our favorite and tasty organic certified cacao beans from the Dominican Republic. Nothing removed or added. Just lots of lovin'. 

    Plastic free packaging

    Wrapped in a plastic free bag and Wild Child Cacao carton box.


    Cacao events
    Planning to share cacao with the world during an event or ceremony? This box comes with flyers and some pretty Wild Child Cacao stickers!

    Wild Child Cacao BULK


    100% pure cacao. Vegan, gluten free, sugar free,  and basically free of everything but cacao and our best intentions!

    Origin cacao
    Öko Caribe, certified organic cooperation in The Dominican Republic. Crafted by our own hands in Amsterdam.

    Uses & storage
    For ceremony, cacao drinks, cooking, on top of fruits, oats and in shakes. Easy to cut and prepare. You can save this chocolate for one year in a closed container / yar.

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