• Receive your favorite ceremonial cacao bar in your mailbox monthly. Pay monthly and save 25%! This one year subscription gives you a big discount. 


    This 100% pure cacao bar of 500 grams is made to make your cacao making very easy! You can break it into servings and melt it into a cacao drink by mixing it with hot water.


    Your cacao will be packed in a limited editon carton art box. As a subscriber you will receive the new art designs  FIRST in your mailbox.

    Cacao subscription 12 months

    Price Options
    12 months
    Save 25%
    €31.50monthly/ 12 months

    Origin cacao
    Öko Caribe, certified organic cooperation in The Dominican Republic. Crafted in Amsterdam.

    For cacao drinks, cooking, on top of fruits, oats and in shakes.

    Storage advice
    You can save this cacao for at least 1 year if you store it in a cool, dry place.

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