• Malou got creative in our Wild Child kitchen and birthed a new limited edition product: ceremonial Easter eggs.

    12 tiny chocolate eggs made from our fine flavor ceremonial cacao. Nothing added, just 100% pure cacao, 120 grams in total. The eggs are wrapped in gold foil with silk paper and served in a beautiful giftbox,  including a step-by-step manual.


    Welcome spring in a ceremonial way! 

    With this 120 grams of cacao you can bring a beautiful conscious warm cacao drink moment to the table during your Easter brunch up to 8 people (15 grams per person) or serve a ceremonial cacao drink of 40 grams for 2 or 3 people.

    Pre-order now!
    Place your pre-order now and receive your Wild Child Easter egg giftbox perfectly in time for Easter. We will ship all orders out on the same day, end of March.


    Easter Egg orders taken until the 28th of march.


    Can you also eat them instead of drinking? Technically, yes. Eva snacks 100% Wild Child all the time, but she's used to the bitter taste. We can't guarantee it will be a popular treat with your family and friends. ;D We actually really made them to melt them into a creamy chocolate drink. 




    Ceremonial easter eggs in giftbox


    100% pure fine flavor ceremonial cacao. Vegan and gluten-free.

    Öko Caribe, certified organic cooperation in The Dominican Republic. Crafted and stone ground in Amsterdam.

    For cacao drinks, cooking, on top of fruits, oats and in shakes.

    Storage advice
    You can save this cacao for at least 1 year if you store it in a cool, dry place.

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