• On the 28th of April at 19h CEST we'd like to invite you to a "Meet the Makers Cacao Moment" with Eva, Malou and 40g of Wild Child Cacao. We will share our stories with you and show you how we prepare and approach drinking cacao. All participants will come together on Zoom, so this is also a great moment to ask questions and share ideas with the Wild Child Tribe!

    Whether you are new to cacao and would like to know more or you are a daily cacao drinker but would like to know who's behind Wild Child Cacao, you are all very welcome! 

    Make sure to order before the 23rd of April to get your cacao at home in time. Looking forward to see your faces! <3 

    Meet the Makers Cacao Moment ~ Including ceremonial cacao for one! ~


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