• This is our first and finest ceremonial Wild Child Cacao bar of 500 grams, wrapped in a limited edition art-box. Made to create delicious and healthy cacao drinks in an easy way.

    Easy to use

    This organic, 100% pure cacao bar is shaped in a special geometric mold with pieces of exactly 2,5 and 5 grams and one of 80 grams (ceremonial dose for 2). Just break of a piece and melt it with warm water, shake et voilà! Check out ideas and cacao drink recipes here.


    Limited edition art box

    All our bars are packed in a limited edition art box. Only 500 pieces of these black jaguar boxes are printed, made by the talented artist Asia Orlando!



    Wild Child Ceremonial Cacao 500g



    100% pure, organic, fine flavor ceremonial cacao. Vegan, gluten free, sugar free,  and basically free of everything but cacao and our best intentions!

    Origin cacao
    Öko Caribe, certified organic cooperation on the wonderful island of the The Dominican Republic. Crafted in Amsterdam.

    For cacao drinks, cooking, on top of fruits, oats and in shakes.

    Storage advice
    You can save this cacao for at least 1 year if you store it in a cool, dry place.

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